For over 30 years, the good folks of Wisconsin have enjoyed the grilled and butter soaked flavor of ROBBY’S ROASTED CORNROBBY’S uses only the best corn from the Deep South, always sweet, juicy, and in season.
     Every summer thousands of happy customers have made ROBBY’S their eating tradition. They know they will be greeted with warm and happy smiles, fast & friendly service and most importantly, the best ear of roasted corn they have ever tasted!
     Robby was born in the poor, farming community of Tennessee. His mother Ardenia Churn taught him how to roast corn to buttery perfection. As a youth, he stored that information up in his heart and when he was old enough, Robby started a simple and humble corn stand in Milwaukee’s world re-known SummerFest.  (The largest music festival in the world!)
     The Summer Fest stand was an instant success! Satisfied customers formed lines that literally stretched across the grounds. It was obvious that more people needed to experience the ROBBY’S ROASTED CORN difference. So in the years to come, ROBBY’S grew to 2 locations on the Summer Fest grounds alone. (Harley Davidson & Briggs)
     Robby himself, (now in his golden 70's), is proud to see such passion in new generations giving a taste of ole’ fashioned goodness, fresh corn on the cob, roasted and marinated in hot buttery perfection! We hope, you too, will experience the ROBBY’S ROASTED CORN

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     The special benefit of cooking corn on the grill (& in the husk) is that none of the flavor or nutrients are lost in the water! (as opposed to the boiling method).  Corn is a wonderful source of Vitamin C, Folate, Niacin, Thiamine and fiber and with only 80 calories (10 from fat).
     And roasted corn has absolutely no cholesterol, a great food for a healthy diet. In Native American tradition, the word for corn means "our life," or "our mother," or "she who sustains us."  At Robby's Roasted Corn we couldn't agree more! (Smiles)